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We are FinalsClub.

Made for students,
by students.

Drawing of two students working at a desk.

FinalsClub is an education technology startup founded at Rutgers University. Backed by HealthStartNJ LLC, our team and our investors are helping improve the ed-tech space by building and launching software marketed towards college students.

We pride ourselves on being one of the only ed-tech apps on the market that is made for students, by students. More than anything, FinalsClub is a modern alternative to other education technology companies, all of whom favor the educator over the students.

FinalsClub is 21st-century learning at its finest.



Class Forum

We find that students are rarely provided an outlet for expression, conversation and collaboration outside of their professors scope. FinalsClub empowers student discourse without the pressure of administrative overlook, and improves the process of communicating with others at major universities.

Buddy System

Being students ourselves, we understand the difficulties of finding study buddies to work with. Attending a college lecture can be a daunting and arduous task that can leave students overwhelmed. By providing a seamless platform we allow students to find and befriend their peers, with the intent to learn and grow together.

Study Rooms

Finding academic help whenever you need is nearly impossible at major universities. FinalsClub allows students to work at inconvenient hours, on their own schedule. By providing a medium for online learning, we empower students to maximize their education at any point of the day.

Why it Matters


We live in a space where students rely on each other for help, in and out of the classroom. It is nearly impossible to find peers to work with during inconvenient hours of the day. Understanding this, our application seamlessly allows students to find help wherever and whenever they need it the most.

Instant Help

There is a demand for instant help outside of the classroom that our application will provide. By tailoring our platform towards students, users are given the opportunity to interact outside of just the professors scope, and grow independently. We hope that through these interactions, students will learn faster and more efficiently all while making friends along the way.

Meet the Team

Team member photo of Vedant Mehta.

Vedant Mehta


Vedant is an avid supporter of educational tools that have to potential to improve the learning environment of schooling around the world. One of his earliest ventures was a computer donation service aimed to teach the elderly about technology and the internet. Since then, Vedant has continued to stay closely connected with the ed-tech space, and is constantly working to find the next big thing in education.

Team member photo of Ravi Patel.

Ravi Patel


Ravi is currently a computer science student at Rutgers University. His passions lie in education and improving educational technologies for the people around him. In the past Ravi has exemplified what it means to be a student developer, and is currently working on security applications that encrypt sensitive data. His programming experience has lead him to build thoughtful and efficient algorithms and software. Ravi is always focused on the future and is always free for a cup of coffee.

Team member photo of Vishesh Sharma.

Vishesh Sharma

Deployment Strategist

Vishesh is passionate about education policy and business development. In the past, Vishesh has consulted for social enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and fin-tech startups. FinalsClub relies on his experiences and knowledge to solve fundamental problems in modern education. His passion for ed-tech has lead him to join our team and work as a strategist and leader. Vishesh is currently a student at Columbia University.

Team member photo of Jackson Pack.

Jackson Pack

UI/UX Developer

Jackson is a front end developer with a dedication to writing fast, simple, and accessible user interfaces. Coming from an advanced communications-based high school, Jackson realizes the value that technology can have in education, and strives to connect students through easy-to-use online services. Jackson has experience with an array of useful tools including JavaScript, React.js, jQuery, SASS, and Java. He plays pivotal role in the development of FinalsClub, and is is a essential member of our team.

Team member photo of Prasiddha Sudhakar.

Prasiddha Sudhakar

Back End Developer

Prasiddha is a Computer Science and Economics student at Rutgers University. She is passionate about understanding the impact that technology has on society, and would like to build technologies that better people's lives someday. With international experience, she hopes to make a difference and make education accessible to all. If you'd like to have chat, Prasiddha is always open to conversations over a cup of tea.